Can I return item before the minimum holding period?

There will be an additional logistic charge varies from $30-$60 for early return of toys before the holding period. For such case, please contact us to make necessary arrangement.

How does Rental For Kids Work?

Browse our collection and pick the 2 available items you would like shipped to you.

Toys are delivered to you professionally sterilzed and cleaned at no additional cost!

Where is the Rental For Kids service available?

We are currently located in Singapore only.

How are the toys being kept clean?

All toys go through a full cleaning and disinfection process both before you rent and upon return. We understand how important hygiene is especially for young children.

How we clean our toys?

Our wooden toys has natural anti-bacterial properties, so germs don’t stick around as much as they may on toys made of plastic, rubber, or other materials. We take sterilzer toys seriously as to ensure children’s health and safety come first. We use a gentle cleanser on wooden toys. Anything from a simple Vinegar and water solution, a mild, environmentally friendly Ganics Toy & Highchair cleaner, gently wipe down with a sponge or washcloth and a bit of warm water, then allow the toys to air dry. Putting them in the sun will help kill even more germs and speed up the drying process

What condition are the item in?

We professionally maintain and inspect all of our item so they arrive in like new condition.

What types of items can I rent?

Our collection of 200 good quality toys, books and costumes.

What types of Toys are available to rent?

We selected wooden toy as wood has natural anti-bacterial properties. Most of the items we rent are focus on helping your child in their development needs. We feel it is most effective when kids get to learn through play. Items range from books to large scale wooden toys that help encourage creativity, motor skill and cognitive development, social skills, milestone development, mathematics, phonics, vocabulary, and science.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

You can browse at RENTALFOR KIDS without creating an account.

However, register with us and you’ll able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Track your orders and review past purchase.
  • You have access to download our printable school materials.
  • You are able to access to our new promotion news and join our gathering.

I’ve forgotten my password – what should I do?

To reset your password, follow the “Forgot Your Password” instructions on the Login page. Please note for security reasons we are unable to send your password via email.

How long do I have to wait to join the member?

We will send a email within 3-6 working days. We on-board new pieces with each new joining subscriber, to ensure a healthy availability of apparel and the best infinite toys and costume experience. As we are trying to ensure that all subscribers have an excellent selection with our masterpiece toys, there are a limited number of subscribers that we can support at any one time. As our collection grows, we will contact the customer who is next in line when we open up more slots to our service. Upon subscription, you’ll be prompted to select 2 items from our toy collections to be sent in your first delivery.

Do we need to pay security deposit?

Yes, but only for the one-month subscription plan and one off rentals.

Do I have to pay for shipping or laundry?

Nope ! delivery, return and cleaning costs are all included in your subscription.

What payment methods does Rental for kids accept and is it safe to use my credit card online?

We accept Paypal only. You can also choose to pay with Paypal. All payments are processed through a secure checkout system provide by Paypal LTD. This service protects your existing card against unauthorised use.

What happens if the piece I want is not available?

We aim to ensure that anything you wish for will be available but in the unfortunate scenarios that is not, please put them on your wish list to monitor their availability. Furthermore, our stylists are working with multiple toys company to ensure that you will always have more than plenty to desire for !

How do I swap my items for something new?

When you are ready to rent your next box, place all 3 items back in the box and seal it in the prepaid return bag provided. Next, schedules a pickup through website (on Mondays to Saturdays). Once we receive your box, you’ll be prompted to choose your next 2 items!

Can I change or amend my order once it has been placed?

Sorry, no. Before you check out the system will prompt you for confirmation so please check before you check out. We are looking into the possibility of cancelling.

Can I purchase any items?

Yes. We just launched our Forever-Yours feature, which allows you to purchase pieces that you’ve rented before and can’t bear to part with. Spend less, rent more, and buy only what you truly love at discount off the retail price.

What happens if I damage or lose an item or a box?

Based on the severity of the damages, we may need to charge a replacement fee. Most of the time damages can be repaired and you will not be charged. For lost toys, just return them back to us know and we can work out replacement cost. Please note, we will never charge you for the price of a brand-new item as we understand that will not be fair. In the case, we will need to buy a brand new toys to replace the damaged toy, it is highly likely we will procure the new toys at the cheapest price possible and you can keep the damaged toys.

How does pause feature work?

Simple let us know when to collect your items and we will pause your subscription then. When you want to restart, let us know and we will deliver the next batch to you at your convenience.

Can I get full refund before we receive the item?

Sorry, we do not allow refund before you receive but in our system we already reserve the toys and schedule the courier to pickup so sometimes, the item is with the courier persons.