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Club Coconut is a co-working space where mums and dads can keep their children entertained, be productive and meet other like-minded people. 

PIB Holdings Pte Ltd offers affordable rental and sales/distribution of educational toys for pre-schools, primary school and homes. We are the sole distributor of Masterkidz Toy in Singapore. While Masterkidz provides a wide range of toys, we are currently focusing on their education range. Which includes STEM, STEAM, Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach toys which are made out of high-quality wood that are built to last. These high-quality toys encourage children’s imaginative and creative learning through play. The materials used to make the toys are environmentally friendly, leaving a safe and clean world for our children to grow up in.


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According to our survey findings, the average child only enjoys playing with most of their toys for up to 1 month before they lose interest. Consequently, most parents or preschools find themselves buying new toys for their children on a weekly to bi-monthly basis. As a result of this, old toys gather dust in a box never to be seen again. This is costly and bad for the environment. As every parent can attest to, education is not something to take lightly when it comes to the future success of their child.

Learning starts at an early age, so even pre-schools these days are upping their game in order to stand out in Singapore’s increasingly competitive education scene.

PIB Holdings Pte Ltd offers to lease or buy Education Toys or Picture books via “scalable subscription services,” as an alternative to owning these essentials. We can help you to reduce waste and be a greener company. By refurbishing and cleaning the toys that are returned at the end of a lease period we are prolonging the lifecycle of our products and promoting a greener and more sustainable way of life. Reducing wastage is our key focus while at the same time we hope to provide parents or school with a wide range of children's items at an affordable price. We make it possible for even the most expensive toys to be accessible to schools and kids from all backgrounds.


 1 Our Products

In 2018, we launched our service to corporate clients like yourself. So far, we’ve had great feedback on STEM, STEAM, Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach toys. Our clients like the flexibility they have when using our service, and appreciate our turn key approach which makes their procurement process a lot more convenient and efficient. We are currently working with a country club (kids’ room), child psychologist clinic and we are now starting to work with kindergartens and enrichment centres.

Masterkidz’ toys and furniture are extremely popular throughout North American, Australia, Europe and Asia. We have recently launched Green Sim Wall Element Mounting System and a Modular Sizes Free Standing Board and a STEM Wall: an open-ended learning system. Each piece comes with a large variety of STEM activities which can be interchanged onto the board and wall with little effort.

All the toys comply with and meet or exceed the safety requirements set by the U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) including more stringent voluntary toys safety standards known as ASTM F963, standards for Canada, and the European Community, also known as standard EN71.

Our collection comprises the following categories of toys that help in the development of the kids in various perspectives:

➢      Early Learning

➢      Wall Elements

➢      Creative Play

➢      Sensory Training

➢      Physical Development

➢      Science and Mathematics

➢      Construction

➢      Role Play

➢      Indoor Play

➢      Outdoor Play

In addition, we have a wide collection of English as well as Chinese Picture books for the children.


Proposed Toys

We would like to recommend one of our star products, The STEM Wall – An Open-Ended Learning System. Once installed, it provides flexible endless opportunities for open-ended discovery learning. Units can be placed where required or moved between rooms. When it is not raining the STEM Wall can be moved outdoors when children are engaged in water play. With smooth casters which are lockable, movement around rooms is easy and enables the STEM Wall to be shared between various different classrooms. Since the Free Standing STEM Wall is double sided there is an opportunity to engage in different learning activities at the same time making it possible more children to play at the same time. Children can build sequences and pictures using colourful pegs, screw in bolts to build working gear trains, or use tubes to make interesting journeys for balls or for water to flow through. A variety of themed learning boards can be connected to the wall via a simple screw in bracket – with so many to choose from there is always something new to discover.  Children will be drawn to it and want to engage in learning, problem solving and building. There are so many additional resources, tools and learning boards available that children will always have a new challenge to experience and explore. Please find out more on these accessories/resources on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoYb_rfa2iU

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In addition to the STEM Wall we would also like to recommend the Wall Elements Mounting System. Tired of having the same wall games installed on the wall for years? Here comes a solution! This is a patented flexible wall panel mounting system allowing teachers to easily set up their desired wall panel combinations not requiring a tool. The system can hold up to any 5 Wall Elements. With this system, teachers can change the Wall Elements to different themes such as sensory training, games, motor skills training, science and mathematics etc.

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We would also like to propose our Reggio Emilia approach toys - Square Led Light Panel (Colour Changing with Remote Control). This is a handy and light weight Led panel designed to fit with most of Masterkidz tables and Movable Multi-Activity Tables. It can also be mounted on the popular Masterkidz Stem Wall! There is another feature that makes it a very convenient light panel with high mobility: it can be used with the most micro USB phone chargers. In other words, you use the micro USB charger or any phone power bank with micro USB charging cable to light up the panel! It allows easy colour changing with use of a remote control plus many other teacher-oriented functions. The patented remote controller provides direct colour buttons for many commonly used colours. There are 3 pairs of RGB adjusting button allowing user to make minor additions or subtractions of RED, GREEN or BLUE on the existing colour. There are 3 preset modes: looping of rainbow colours, thunder storm and looping of soothing colours which can be used during story telling sessions. This light panel allows different types of light-related learning activities such as colour mixing creativity development. For Example, children can explore colour mixing by placing the coloured shades on top of one another. Beautiful effects can be created when the light shines through different materials such as leaves, paper, or a sand tray. It works perfectly well together with the Masterkidz square sand tray, the Masterkidz Clear Water Play Tray, Masterkidz Square Painting and the Bottom Light Game Tray Light Box Fits with the Masterkidz 600 X 600 square tabletop. The Light panel is Not waterproof.

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Last but not the least, we have many more toys that are educational and fun https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=masterkidz+toys


We would also like to recommend the 52 different type of Educational Board Toys that created for kids’ preschool with rich aesthetics and creativity that helps children develop interest in learning Math and Science.







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