Free Standing STEM WALL 860L X 1250H

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The strength of the STEM Wall is that once installed it provides endless opportunities for open-ended discovery learning. Children will be drawn to it and want to engage in learning, problem solving and building. And when they build something it actually works too! There are so many additional resources, tools and learning boards available that your children will always have a new challenge to experience and explore every day.

The system is designed for children from 3 years of age and there are graded learning opportunities providing progression from the nursery to the primary school, starting with colourful pegs in 13 colours which can be simply pressed into place or pulled out at ease to make sequences, patterns or even create murals. They can also be used with elastic bands to create regilar shapes and to hang things on like dressing up clothes. Using a realistic band power tool with interchangeable heads. Large gems in 6 colours that add a real sparkle to designs can simply be pressed into place. Chains and gears, each have a centre bearing, can be meshed together with ease to make long trains that actually work. In addition, a host of themed learning boards can be connected to the wall via a simple screw in bracket system - with so many to choose from there is always something new to discover.
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2+ Years
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Common price: SGD 860.00 Free
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Dimensions 86 (L) X 88 (W) X 125 (H) cm
Weight 33.6 kg
Product Code TY-MK-ME09531
Is this an accessory? Yes
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